Pandemic brought out something positive for some people — resilience

Pandemic brought out something positive for some people — resilience

While the pandemic has been a time marked by stress, grief and hardship for many Americans, some have also experienced a surprising outcome: a sense of resilience.

It might seem counterintuitive for a stressful, tragic time in our history to evoke personal growth.

Out of the challenges of navigating a disorienting new world came a shift in perspective and priorities. They made decisions and formed healthy habits that could shape their lives for the better.

While a pandemic might seem like an unusual catalyst for inspiring positive life changes, experts say it’s typical to see a range of responses to a collective trauma.

In some individuals, the toll of the past year led to worsening mental health. But research indicates others may emerge more resilient…

A Disaster Expert Says These 6 Steps Could Help The World Recover From The Pandemic

Over 3.5 million dead and counting. Long-term health problems, livelihoods destroyed and a long way yet to go. This is the age of COVID-19.

Resilience is about always improving. Standard ideas of “bouncing back” and “returning to normal” are counterproductive because they re-establish the same lack of resilience that caused the pandemic through those disaster-creating societal failures.

Was it simply a natural disaster, part of living in a fast-paced, globalized world? Or can we identify preventable mistakes?

The key is the term “natural disaster”: it’s a misnomer.

Disasters occur due to societal failures, not nature. Those with power and resources force others into vulnerable locations, difficult living conditions and inadequate livelihoods, with few choices to change their situations. This point has been explained and analyzed for decades…

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