A junior lawyer’s guide to building resilience

HR should play a more strategic role in business resilience

Almost every organisation now knows it must become more resilient as the economy emerges from the pandemic. As well as coping with crises and global events, organisations must excel in the face of the many less high-profile disruptions that hit an organisation – from supply chain bottlenecks to shifts in demand and sudden skills shortages. HR departments have a major role to play in this but to do so successfully requires a change of mindset, taking a step back from traditional administrative functions and reviewing the entire business as if they were an outsider.

Agility, although a buzzword, is essential for resilience

Even before the pandemic, many organisations recognised HR had to change. In a 2019 survey of 1,362 HR executives in 55 countries, for example, consultants KPMG found 57 per cent agreed HR would rapidly become irrelevant if it failed to modernise.

Just as logistics professionals are remodelling supply chains for greater resilience, HR professionals need to rethink what they’re able to contribute so that their organisation becomes more agile…

A junior lawyer’s guide to building resilience

It would be easy to believe that lawyers never get it wrong. For law students, the thought of entering a ‘perfect’ profession where mistakes are never made, all work is faultless and every individual works at maximum performance 24/7 may feel intimidating.

Experts from Freshfields, Pinsent Masons, Hill Dickinson and ULaw talk career setbacks and how they overcame them

At Legal Cheek’s latest virtual student event, ‘Secrets to Success North’, a panel of lawyers from Freshfields, Hill Dickinson and Pinsent Masons, alongside a former lawyer turned legal education expert at The University of Law (ULaw), unmasked this facade and offered insight into their career journeys as well as the setbacks they’ve encountered along the way…

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