A resilience prescription for Covid-19 and other traumatic events

Women’s Resilience, Resourcefulness and Relationships Provide the Foundation for Pandemic Recovery

As numerous reports confirm, during the pandemic women have shouldered a greater share of domestic responsibilities, in addition to their jobs. A recent McKinsey study found mothers are more than three times as likely to meet the majority of the demands for housework and caregiving during the pandemic, compared with fathers.

The stressors of the pandemic are more likely to result in hypertension, coronary heart disease, and binge drinking behavior for women.

The burden is even greater if a woman works from home. We have all either experienced or heard about the exhausting task of trying to “balance” the roles of parent, teacher, cook, daycare worker, maid, and breadwinner during the past 15 months…

A resilience prescription for Covid-19 and other traumatic events

One morning almost five years ago, a disgruntled former employee tried to kill me with a shotgun as I walked out of my local deli. The buckshot pellets from the blast pierced my right shoulder and chest; blood gushed from the wound. I learned later that the shot would have killed me had it landed a few inches to the left.

There is no magic formula for bouncing back.

I had studied trauma victims for decades to understand resilience and find new treatments for mood and anxiety disorders like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Now I was the trauma victim. Lying in the intensive care unit of my own hospital, I struggled to find my own resilience. I would have to take my own medicine by applying what I call The Resilience Prescription to my personal trauma…

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