Leaders who encourage their employees to learn have more resilient teams

Building Morocco’s resilience to natural and climate-related disasters: World Bank additional financing to protect against risks

The World Bank today approved US$100 million in additional financing to help Morocco strengthen its ability to withstand the impact of natural disasters. The extra financing will be used to scale up an existing US$200 million Integrated Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Resilience program by improving the country’s institutional capacity for disaster risk management and risk-reduction investments.

“Protecting the people and economy against natural hazard can save Morocco over US$800 million a year”

Jesko Hentschel, World Bank Maghreb Country Director

“Developing more resilience to the risk of natural disaster is a critical investment given Morocco’s exposure to climate-related risks. The financing will be used to continue the results-driven DRM program, with the aim of protecting the country’s most vulnerable populations.”

Over the past decade, Morocco has improved its institutional, policy, and investment framework for disaster risk management. To build up its financial resilience as well, it launched a solidarity fund to alleviate the financial impact of natural disasters on households and businesses and design a set of instruments to reduce the State’s financial exposure to risk…

Leaders who encourage their employees to learn have more resilient teams

In today’s complex business environment, a team’s capacity to bounce back from adversities or setbacks is increasingly valuable. This team resilience capacity has been proposed as a potential asset for work teams to maintain performance in the face of adverse events.

They found that the teams tend to be more effective and resilient if their bosses encourage employees to take risks, make suggestions and learn from the process.

To better understand the antecedents and consequences of team resilience capacity, scientists from the Rice University and the University of Windsor have developed a resource-based model that delineates critical team inputs and outputs of resilience capacity. With the help of this model, scientists determined what makes employees more resilient and fosters learning in the workplace…

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