Why is gardening so good for your mental and physical health?

Transcendental meditation can help teachers build resilience, prevent burnout

Teachers are under a great deal of stress, as they meet the needs of their students every day. In many jobs, stress can lead to exhaustion and burnout, both emotionally and physically. As professionals head back to work, and especially those going back to the classroom, a recent study finds taking time out for meditation can help educators be more resilient to the pressures of the daily grind.

People experiencing burnout typically deal with declining feelings of personal accomplishment, feeling that they’re losing their sense of identity, and emotional exhaustion. 

According to researchers with the Center for Wellness and Achievement in Education, around 70 percent of professionals are constantly under stress and over 20 percent feel the effects of burnout. Previous studies have discovered teachers in particular are facing more challenges as they try to meet the demands of remote learning…

Why is gardening so good for your mental and physical health?

ith a growing body of research backing the idea that gardening can have measurable benefits to both mental and physical health, barely a week goes by in the horticultural press without a story on the positive impact it can have. As a geeky scientist, however, I wanted to know what it is specifically about growing plants that has this effect – and if we can answer this question could we make gardening an even more effective therapeutic exercise?

What is it about gardening which has such a remarkable therapeutic effect?

Put people on treadmills in front of screens projecting different views and those looking at green environments felt the exercise to be easier, had improved mood and better self-esteem than those without a view. However, when similar exercise experiments were run showing the same view either in black and white or with a red filter, they did not show the same benefits as those with the predominantly green view…

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