Learning Reboot 2021: Employee wellness, organizational resilience, mental health & productivity

Resilience is a Superpower of a Limitless Leader

Resilience is a key trait within us all. It’s a quality and skill we need to embrace and build upon, especially, in leadership. The last eighteen months, in particular, has provided us with more than its fair share of opportunity for us to grow in the area of resilience both in our personal and professional lives.

“Resilience is a collection of skills, mindsets, and traits built upon as we face new and ever-changing experiences in and out of the workplace.”

Renée Giarrusso.

Shifting my entire business to online, having clients postpone work, supporting my sister through her chemotherapy and writing my new book over 14 weekends has definitely shown me, first-hand, that a high level of resilience is what has got me through. I have used it as a driver to focus on what I can do to influence and tap into past experiences and thinking that has worked previously. Like many of us, we have all had to step up and grow in so many ways, especially in our leadership of self and others.

Resilience is a superpower that needs to be nurtured and developed as a leader. Change is the only constant and if we want to adapt, innovate and lead boldly, resilience is a muscle we need to deepen and develop ongoing…

Learning Reboot 2021: Employee wellness, organizational resilience, mental health & productivity

The global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic left no industry untouched and pushed the worldwide economy into uncertainty. With HR at the center, businesses and industries have shown impressive flexibility — helping employees shift to remote work and redefine employee experience.

Simultaneously, employees are becoming more driven to undertake purpose-led work and want to see their values reflected in their work.

All these changes have been facilitated during great personal and economic distress, and the key to navigating them has been building resilience. Crucial aspects of these changes have been the ability to quickly unlearn obsolete ideas, embrace new ways of working, and continuously learn to prepare for the future…

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