Creating a culture of resilience

Creating a culture of resilience

Businesses are striving to become more resilient through the introduction of new systems and business processes, all underpinned by cloud computing, but a key dimension that is often overlooked is the people.

Rachael Robertson, a former Antarctic expedition leader and now a keynote speaker, says organisations need the right culture to build resilience.

She has a mantra: respect trumps harmony. “That means that you have a culture where you can have those difficult conversations, and you can do that by playing the ball, not the person,” she says.

“And to be able to be resilient, you’ve got to make big decisions fast. When you’ve got a resilient culture, you can have those conversations much faster and sharper without needing to worry so much about the niceties.”

Robertson and her team’s ability to act fast was tested in Antarctica when a plane went down, and the Australian Antarctic base had to swing from business as usual to search and rescue mode…

Pandemic creates ‘window of opportunity’ to improve mental health in the workplace

Over the last 18 months, the mental health of employees has been front of mind for most business leaders. It would be impossible to go through the ups and downs Australians have experienced without thinking about how it has affected our minds.

Managing soaring workloads and actively protecting the mental health of employees is no longer a “nice thing to do”

From the resilience witnessed through the initial wave to the disheartening snap lockdowns and now, the prospect of remaining cut off from the world until next year, it’s been a lot to take on board. That is even more apparent for workers in Melbourne, who this week emerged from their fourth lockdown, and undoubtedly, the psychological trauma will remain long after COVID-19 has been eliminated from our shores.

Now and in future, how can employers play their part in supporting employee mental health, something that has become a key concern in the new world of hybrid work? It’s the topic of conversation at the upcoming HRD x Unmind webinar, titled: Physically Safe & Mentally Sound.

Speaking to HRD, Matt Meffan from Unmind, said employers have been presented with a “window of opportunity” to revolutionise the attitudes and understanding of both physical and mental health…

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