Global medical students share their pandemic experiences

A woman entrepreneur in Peru thrives with resilience and empathy

My name is Olenka Marquina, I am a Peruvian entrepreneur, mother and architect by profession. I am in charge of two businesses: a coffee shop and an architecture firm. We give direct employment to more than 50 people in both companies.

“Being a woman and an entrepreneur is not easy and there are always obstacles along the way due to gender discrimination.”

Olenka Marquina, Peruvian businesswoman

Every day I work day and night to keep my businesses going. I have always been known for being persistent and hard-working, but above all empathetic, and COVID-19 has been the biggest challenge for me.

When the pandemic started, the simplest option would have been to close the businesses, wait for time to pass and see what happened, and then see how we could get back on our feet. The problem we had, well we don’t call it a problem, but the reality, was that 50 families depended on us for their livelihoods…

Global medical students share their pandemic experiences

The Medical Education Innovation and Research Centre (MEdIC) event gave global medical students a platform to reflect on and share their personal and professional experiences during the pandemic.

Thrive by Akelekeh Ndah

Dr Sonia Kumar, Director of Undergraduate Primary Care Education and MEdIC said: Dr Sonia Kumar“After receiving over 600 entries from 52 countries to our Global Creative Competition last year, we knew that there was a need for global medical students to be heard and to share their experiences over this last year. It was a real privilege to share the stage with such a thoughtful and wise group of medical students from around the world.  Their honest and open reflections provided such unique insights into how medical students have dealt with and learnt from the pandemic and developed as future doctors….

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