The Resilient Mindset

Brazil: Severe floods as Amazon rivers reach record highs

The Rio Negro has swollen to levels unseen in over a century of record-keeping. More than 450,000 people have been affected state-wide.

Entire parts of downtown Manaus were underwater after the nearby river burst its banks

Unlocking Business Resilience in the Era of Modern Cloud

In the midst of the global pandamic, companies of all sizes and nature, industries, and geographies have learned so much about being resilient, scaling as needed, and, essentially, responding to the dynamic needs of their stakeholders as they start on the road to recovery.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum reports, Asia’s diverse economies witnessed an overall by 2.2% decline in 2020[1], with an estimated 2.7% decline in IT spending.[2] In the face of that tough landscape, decision makers in the region still understand the need for persistent, sustainable digital innovation to get growth back on track…

The Resilient Mindset

Trusting this finds you safe, healthy and uplifted!

I was immensely grateful to Dr. Andrew Fuller for graciously joining myself, the global radio listeners, and the podcast subscribers on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald! In spite of the three significant time zone differences between Andrew being located in Melbourne, Australia, the radio network itself being located outside of Seattle Washington, and myself being located outside of Toronto, Canada….Andrew enthusiastically and conscientiously made it all work! I absolutely respect this man’s work ethic, degree of professionalism and his genuine excitement for serving others!

Vicarious trauma is a true epidemic in and of itself

I was not the least bit surprised to discover that Andrew, who is a Clinical Psychologist, would present as having an extremely calming voice coupled with also being depicted as having a relaxed disposition. This became abundantly apparent to me when interfacing with Andrew over the radio airwaves. Andrew’s soothing demeanour, temporarily suspended me from my primary role of radio/podcast host; transporting me to the imagined position of being one of Andrew’s clients. This enabled me to garner a deeper sense of insight for how one might hypothetically feel (including myself) if in the capable care of Andrew’s professional guidance while receiving his highly accredited, and altruistically attentive support…

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