How to make business resilient in a pandemic

FM Global’s operations chief engineer: “Resilience is a choice”

What makes a firm climate-risk resilient? In this interview with Insurance Business, FM Global operations chief engineer Michael Stuckings (pictured) shines a spotlight on climate change and talks about why there’s no better time than now to focus on risk mitigation.

In Australia, where a series of devastating disasters have hit in quick succession in recent years, Stuckings said they are seeing a growing conversation on how the country can better prepare for and adapt to a changing climate…

How to make business resilient in a pandemic

The pandemic has definitely impacted the way people work and the ways businesses operate. It’s now quite uncommon for employees to go to offices and interact with people physically on a daily basis. This new normal has compelled many companies to accelerate their digital transformation and deploy new technology.

The current landscape of work – where everything is mounted online – made the need to have a strong internet connection and secure network all the more valuable. Having this in mind, PLDT Enterprise has buffed its services to ensure utmost reliability to support businesses’ non-stop operations and help them be truly resilient…

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