Fostering Resiliency Through Mentorship

Disasters break families apart and scar lives

What happened to the lives of those who had to endure loss and the brunt of the changing climate?

Resilience, one of the ten finalists in the Klima Film Festival, takes a peek into the life of Ethan, a young adult forced to relocate after experiencing one of the worst flooding events in recent history. He goes about his routine, mindful of the sustainable use of resources available to him. He appears optimistic, starting the day with a smile and greeting his neighbor who just stares back. Despite this, Ethan remains unfazed, his smile and energy persevering throughout the day…

Fostering Resiliency Through Mentorship

I was asked recently to speak on the subject of resiliency. As an information security professional, I’ve discussed resilience several times in different contexts, but after asking a few more questions, it became clear that I was being asked to speak on my experience with personal resilience. It seems that my last article on maintaining mental health during the pandemic struck a chord, and I was being asked how to help build personal resilience within our teams.

“Resilience is about more than handling crisis situations.”

Writing my previous article was easy because I shared my own experiences. This time though, I didn’t think I had any — at least any that someone else would want to listen to. I don’t consider myself any sort of expert on personal resilience…

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