A strong sense of purpose can build resilient organisations

A Brief History of Washington State Earthquakes (And How to be Prepared for the Next One)

Residents of Washington State are lucky enough to live in a place known for exquisite waterfront views, thick forests and fresh air. And while our state does not have as many natural disasters as some places (like the tornado belt!), we do get our share of wild fires, and sometimes earthquakes. Here we explore the history of a few of the more notable earthquakes in Washington State over the last several decades. And, to make sure you are ready or the next one, a guide on how to prepare for future natural disasters…

Professor Sir Cary Cooper: A strong sense of purpose can build resilient organisations

The mental health of all employees has taken a severe tumble as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) wellbeing survey, published in June 2020, found during the first lockdown, with 70% of a large sample saying they were stressed and anxious, and 70% worried about the future. Creating a more resilient organisation is now a bottom-line priority of most businesses, and the public sector, if we are not only to survive but also to grow our economy with the challenges ahead.

Individual, as well as organisational, resilience is comprised of several main characteristics: having a sense of purpose, being adaptable, having a safety need of a social support system and having self confidence in the future and in your own or organisational capabilities…

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