Author pens books to help kids COPE during disasters

The Mediterranean’s Largest Ever Earthquake Wasn’t What We Thought, Scientists Say

History tells us that in the year 365 CE, the Mediterranean region was rocked by a thunderous earthquake estimated as a magnitude 8.0 or higher. The quake and subsequent tsunami killed tens of thousands of people, destroying Alexandria in Egypt and several other cities.

This isn’t just historical curiosity either: it means that modern-day earthquake predictions and modeling might need to be adjusted.

However, new research now suggests some previous assumptions about the quake and its seismic legacy might not be correct – and the findings could mean drastic changes for earthquake and tsunami modeling in the region today.

Up until now, the general consensus has been that the Hellenic subduction zone underneath Crete caused the giant quake, but the latest evidence suggests a cluster of ‘normal faults’ offshore of western and southwestern Crete may have been behind the uplift of vast stretches of exposed ‘fossil beach’ along the Crete coastline…

Author pens books to help kids COPE during disasters

Since the beginning of time, natural disasters have been an unpleasant but inevitable part of human life all over the world.

While Malaysia is geographically blessed to be spared from earthquakes and hurricanes, natural disasters can and have struck in the country.Even though technology and emergency services have come a long way in terms of disaster response, these tragedies still remain costly and sometimes, deadly affairs.

Normally, children caught in natural disasters are regarded as little more than helpless victims whose place is in evacuation centres.In reality, even the young have a role to play in disaster prevention, a factor children’s book author, Martha Keswick, hopes to highlight through her work…

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