Remaking the Climate-Resilient City

Remaking the Climate-Resilient City

The pandemic has forced just about every part of society to reckon with resilience, but for cities the question is especially urgent. Will the global trend toward urbanization, which has been underway for more than 50 years, change its trajectory? Will increasing density remain the norm?

And if technologies can’t keep people safe, do we actually need to start winding down some cities and moving people out?

The intersection of these two issues — resilience and urbanism — is relevant in a COVID context, but it’s also increasingly important in a climate context.

Shayle has talked about how the increasing prevalence and magnitude of natural disasters are going to slowly but surely foster a “culture of resilience” in society, where we’re forced to deal with the likelihood that once in 100-year events are happening much more often…

Building farm resilience key amid changing climate

However the research also highlighted moves by many farmers to build resilience into their businesses by improving soil health….

A study published in the  journal Climate Risk Management suggests the challenging economic environment means many farmers are instead focused on short-term profitability and business survival, as well as being concerned about other political and public pressures.

The research by the University of Exeter’s Centre for Rural Policy, Rothamstead Research  and Lancaster University indicates that while there is a growing acceptance among farmers that the climate is changing and there are benefits to taking action, uncertainties about the exact scale, speed and nature of change locally, make it difficult for them to plan ahead…

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