How to build resilient teams

Arianna Huffington: HR, here’s the first step in employee resilience

The word of 2020 was resilience—and it will continue to be throughout the rest of this year, says Arianna Huffington.

Many leaders, Huffington noted, often think they can’t “afford to put their own oxygen mask on first”—but, if they don’t, she said, they won’t be prepared to help others prioritize self-care.

The global founder and CEO of Thrive and founder of The Huffington Post joined Mastercard CHRO Michael Fraccaro on Thursday afternoon for a panel discussion on building cultures of resilience at the closing day of the virtual Health & Benefits Leadership Conference. Moderated by Kathryn Mayer, conference chair and HRE benefits editor, the conversation explored what HR and benefits leaders can be doing to protect the mental health of their workforce—and how that can ultimately support the financial health of their organization…

How to build resilient teams

There’s an old Japanese proverb which reads: “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” As humans, we’re a pretty resilient species. We live through epidemics, through global disasters, we thrive in difficult situations and always emerge stronger from the troubles.

A new report from Aon found that just 30% of employees think of themselves as resilient – worrying indeed when you consider employees with poor resilience are 55% less engaged at work. 

Resilience has been key over the past few months in particular. As the COVID-19 pandemic tore our world apart, companies were forced to adapt or die. Collectively, employers and employees pulled together to find tangible solutions to the crisis, relying on both technology and empathy to pull through. Now, as we move from a reactive to a conservative mode, we need resilient employees more than ever. To help you on your way, HRD has uncovered some of the best ways to build resilient teams quickly and effectively…

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