10 Simple Exercises to Help Build Your Mental Toughness

Can Practicing Gratitude Boost Nurses’ Resilience?

Imagine you are a nurse who has been working day and night during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ve seen patients become sick and die, met with grieving families, and, in some cases, haven’t even received adequate protective gear to do your job safely. No doubt, you’d be physically and emotionally drained.

Gratitude may be a key ingredient for nurse wellness, helping them to feel more appreciated and happier at work.

This is a recipe for burnout. And, no surprise, many nurses are burned out. Emotional exhaustion has been an ongoing risk for nurses in their job, even long before the pandemic. Now it’s only gotten worse: 62% of registered nurses report feeling more sad and depressed than they were before the pandemic…

10 Simple Exercises to Help Build Your Mental Toughness

“Starting something you don’t want to do trains your brain to know that you don’t have to respond to how you feel,” says psychotherapist and editor-in-chief of Verywell Mind Amy Morin.

Mental toughness is always important. But it’s not a stretch to say that everyone could stand to have a bit more of it these days. Mental toughness helps ensure that we don’t fly off the handle when things don’t go our way, that we don’t shy away from physically and emotionally challenging situations, or that we don’t continue to escape into behaviors because we can’t handle facing our emotions. In short, it’s the ability to endure difficult situations — like the one we’re all facing right now — and there are plenty of exercises to do to strengthen it, both for yourself and your family…

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