Your pandemic nightmares may never stop. Here’s why.

Watch this dramatic drone footage of a tornado before disaster strikes

Experienced storm chaser Brian Emfinger had a close shave with a raging tornado a couple of days ago, but his drone wasn’t so lucky.

Eager to capture some dramatic footage of the extreme weather event, Emfinger sent his DJI Mavic 2 Pro right toward the action while being sure to keep a (fairly) safe distance himself.

The incredible footage (top) shows the tornado’s awesome power as it barreled across land near Yazoo City, Mississippi on Sunday, May 2, battering a forest and sending debris skyward.

While he managed to capture nearly eight minutes of astonishing material, the power of the storm eventually proved too much for the little flying machine, causing it to … well … we can only imagine what finally became of it.

Emfinger said that the sound you can hear in the video is mostly from his controller, though you can also hear his vehicle’s navigation system offering him probably the most important set of driving instructions he’s ever received, with the situation getting rather frantic in the final moments…

Building Resilience In A Black Swan World

The aftershocks of the pandemic have spurred the need for businesses to turn resilience into a source of competitive advantage, notes Brian Humphries, Cognizant CEO.

Uncertainty, variability, the unknown — these are defining qualities of our interconnected world, which is prone to contagions of all kinds, not only pandemics. Even well-established enterprises are fragile, as evidenced by the regularly shrinking tenures of companies on the S&P 500 and Fortune 500 in recent decades. Resilience, the ability to rebound from shocks, has risen to a must-have capability for every organization that expects to thrive in the age of COVID-19 and whatever lies beyond.

Of course, businesses have long known of the need to be adaptive, flexible and resilient. But their experience with COVID-19 has turned a need into an imperative. Given how long the pandemic aftershocks could last and how much faster a competitor might regroup, it’s less an issue of returning to a former steady state than becoming continuously adaptable, agile and nimble. Doing so is really the best way to sustain growth amid uncertainty and turbulence…

Your pandemic nightmares may never stop. Here’s why.

Natural disasters, endless labyrinths, gigantic bugs. A dreams researcher explains why our pandemic sleep has been so haunted — and why our dreams may never go back to normal…

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