Why ‘Workforce Wellness’ Is the Most-Desired Work Perk

Why business resilience and network agility are here to stay

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year like no other. When the pandemic first hit, we weren’t sure what would happen, for ourselves or our customers. What we did know was that we were going to do everything we could to help our customers not only stay in business but adapt their businesses in new and innovative ways. The resilience our customers showed last year was truly inspiring.

In a recent PwC survey, almost 75% of finance leaders said they were planning for a more agile business environment going forward

In the early stages of the crisis, our customers were looking to make the most of the technology they already had in place. In some cases, this was enough. Others quickly realized that as they made adjustments to better support their employees and customers, their network technology needs had changed as well.

Many businesses quickly implemented new collaboration tools and security protocols to support a new remote workforce, manage operations remotely by creating virtual workspaces, offload applications to the cloud, or stand up new digital commerce platforms to serve customers. Through it all, Comcast Business continued to serve our customers, and help them pivot and adapt to the litany of changing business, customer, and employee needs…

Why ‘Workforce Wellness’ Is the Most-Desired Work Perk

Remember when the answer to “What’s it like to work for your company?” was a laundry list of “cool” office perks? “Oh, it’s so great! We have Ping-Pong tables, rooftop bars, free lunches, and beers on tap.”

The stigma around mental health is finally breaking down.

Looking back on those pre-pandemic conversations seems almost comical today. These types of enticing office perks were everywhere in the B.C. (before-COVID) world, but now that we’ve had a year to refocus our priorities, let me ask you–were they really worth it?

In-office culture, topped with the hottest happy hour trends, comped meals, and break room games, used to be a way for companies to differentiate themselves and stay attractive to a new generation of workers. But these trendy perks were more for vanity than real value. It was fueled by a race to be cool and veiled by superficiality…

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