Anxious about going out into the world post-vaccination? You’re not alone, but there’s help

Anxious about going out into the world post-vaccination? You’re not alone, but there’s help

It’s the moment we thought we were all waiting for…or is it? We were cautiously optimistic about the end of the pandemic in view of increasing vaccine availability and decreasing case numbers after the peak in January

For many people, it feels futile to address individual resilience without addressing what feels like a rigged system.

Then, whether due to variants, pandemic fatigue or both, cases and case positivity began to increase again – throwing into question whether the end was as near as we thought. This is merely one of the most recent of the many reversals.

I am a physician and associate professor of medicine at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine. In my role as the director of wellness, resiliency and vulnerable populations, I speak with staff and faculty members who may need a sympathetic ear or may be struggling.

Amid the happiness and relief that people are feeling, I also see confusion and some fear. Some people are wary of going out again, and others are eager to throw a party. Some learned that they like being alone and do not want to stop nesting. I think this is all normal from a year of what I call the zigzag pandemic…

Building mental resilience critical to tackle WFH-led mental stressors

Building workers’ resilience is crucial amid a work-from-home arrangement, which has heightened mental stressors caused by the blurring of work and personal life, said Senior Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad.

The poll of 1,000 people, revealed that 31% percent respondents reported that their mental health had “somewhat worsened”

“Workers must take time to take care not just of their physical health, but also of their mental well-being,” he said, at the launch of this year’s National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign, according to The Straits Times.  A new campaign on mental wellbeing will be held in September by healthcare institutions and agencies to share best practices on how to build workers’ mental resilience.

In 2022, a tripartite award on mental wellbeing will also be rolled out next year to recognise individuals and businesses that have adopted exemplary practices…

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