Nutrition Is the Foundation of Resilience

Disaster preparedness starts with you

Natural disasters appear to be a new norm in Oregon. Our old playbook for responding to these disasters isn’t working. It’s time for an update to our disaster response strategies.

The Oregon winter storm of 2021 left behind this snowy scene but also a lot of damage and power outages. (KATU)

In late summer of 2020, much of Oregon was staring down wildfire threats that made many feel like they were slowly finding more and more in common with our neighbor state to the south—conflagration-prone California. Multiple fires stretched the ability of our professional responders to focus on multiple fronts. Entire communities were simply wiped off the map, while others waited to see if their cities would be spared…

Nutrition Is the Foundation of Resilience

One of the key messages of our book THE BETTER BRAIN is that nutrition is the foundation of resilience. Very often we hear people say that we live in such stressful times, which must be why 20% of our population is now diagnosed with a mental disorder (in contrast to <3% in 1960). This explanation misses the mark, in our opinion. Our recent ancestors lived with the Great Depression and two World Wars, without antibiotics, without anaesthetics, and yes — even through a pandemic. Is our life really more stressful….or.…is our resilience lower?

One underlying premise of the book is that people do not change their behavior just because they are told “it will be good for you.” 

Our current dietary intake. Recent studies show that we are not consuming as healthy a diet as our ancestors did. For example, in the last 50 years people in western societies have cut their intake of minerals and vitamins (which we will call “micronutrients”) by more than 50%! Why would anyone choose to do that…

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