How to Protect Your Business From a Natural Disaster

Mouse plague impacting NSW residents’ mental health like that of natural disasters, expert says

Images of the mouse plague that has gripped parts of New South Wales in recent months are enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

The mouse plague has been affecting residents in parts of NSW for months.

Image credit: Vicki Green

But experts are concerned the plague is taking a much more significant toll on those who are living through it, with the mental health impact being compared to that experienced by people during natural disasters including bushfires and drought.

Dr Gene Hodgins, an associate professor from the School of Psychology at Charles Sturt University, said western NSW residents he had spoken to have experienced a number of issues linked to chronic stress…

How to Protect Your Business From a Natural Disaster

Nobody likes to think about the possibility of their business being disrupted – or potentially destroyed – by a natural disaster. But the better prepared you are, the less likely you’ll be to face the consequences of such an event.

The best way to financially protect your business is to invest in insurance. However, do note that not all property insurance policies protect against all forms of natural disasters.

Spending a few weeks and a few thousand dollars can equip you with the knowledge, resources, and experience you need to ensure your business can survive almost any natural threat…

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