Top Tips for Managing Your Mental Health While Working Remotely

Wildfire researchers have a “grim” forecast for 2021’s fire season, say it could be worse than 2020

Earlier this April, researchers at San José State University’s Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center in Northern California were gathering chamise at Blackberry Hill, a site in the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains.

“But it’s not just California. It’s the entire West Coast that is poised to have a wildfire season more catastrophic than the last.”

In the past few years, it was a site that they had revisited to gather samples of the native shrub. While surveying the land at the site, the researchers made a disconcerting discovery: new, green growth was nowhere to be found…

Top Tips for Managing Your Mental Health While Working Remotely

There has been an unprecedented spike in the number of people working remotely in the last few months. This is largely due to the coronavirus pandemic that has forced many people to stay at home more than ever before. While working remotely, lots of people often struggle with their mental health due to loneliness, separation from loved ones, and lack of social interactions.

When working remotely, you tend to be too isolated from your colleagues. Unfortunately, this can affect your teamwork as well as your mental health.

To avoid these problems, here are the tops tips for managing your mental health while working remotely:

Have a good working environment?

If you don’t have a ready-made home office, you should create one for yourself. Of course, this may be difficult for you especially if you live in a small apartment or share it with others. Nonetheless, you need to have a comfortable and appealing environment for work.

Studies have shown sunlight can provide vitamin D that will improve your mood. So, you are advised to get an ergonomic chair and table. Set them up in a place with enough ventilation and natural light. You can add some inspiring pictures and plants to the living space. Make sure the arrangement is comfortable…

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