La Soufrière Volcano: A Growing Humanitarian Crisis

Africa Seeks $25 Billion for Climate Adaptation, Green Recovery

African nations aim to double funding for climate change adaptation projects to $25 billion over five years as they look to foster a green recovery from the economic damage wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.

While African countries contribute relatively little to climate change in terms of carbon emissions, they are likely to be the hardest hit due to a high reliance on rain-fed agriculture including crops and livestock.

The continent most vulnerable to environmental shifts has already secured $12.5 billion from the African Development Bank for a newly launched Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program and expects to secure the balance at the next two United Nations Climate Change Conferences, Patrick Verkooijen, chief executive officer of the Global Center on Adaptation, said in an interview.

Africa currently loses $7 billion to $15 billion a year due to climate change and that is likely to increase to as much as $50 billion or 3% of continent-wide gross domestic product annually by 2040 without investment in adaptation strategies…

Floods can worsen inequality. Here are 4 ways we can ensure people with disabilities aren’t left behind

Disasters like flooding can worsen social inequalities around health and housing. For people with disability, however, the effect can be especially profound.

Research led by the University of Sydney’s University Centre for Rural Health has shown, for example, that after flooding people with disability and their carers were more likely than others to:

  • have their homes flooded and be evacuated
  • still be displaced six months on
  • experience disrupted access to food, support networks and essentials such as healthcare and social services
  • continue to be distressed about the flood six months after it happened
  • be at relatively high risk of post-traumatic stress disorder six months after the flood.

As communities on Australia’s east coast recover from recent flooding, it’s more important than ever to engage with concerns raised at the recent Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

As revealed in the University Centre for Rural Health’s submission to the Royal Commission, people with disability are too often overlooked or left behind during emergencies…

La Soufrière Volcano: A Growing Humanitarian Crisis

La Soufrière’s eruption forced approximately 30 villages to evacuate.

The volcano La Soufrière began to explosively erupt on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent last Friday. For nearly a week, periodic eruptions have covered the island in ash and volcanic flows of molten rock and gas have gushed down the mountainside. Residents have been displaced and are left without clean water or electricity, adding a humanitarian emergency into the mix.

La Soufrière’s eruption forced approximately 30 villages on the northern portion of the island to evacuate. A report by the World Health Organization and The Pan American Health Organization said 16,000 to 20,000 people are affected. More than 4,000 people are occupying 89 public shelters. Two thousand others confirmed they are staying with friends or family…

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