Is Burnout Depression by Another Name?

Resilience is key to facing work and home stress

I have spent the last 14 years researching resilience, which creates capacity for navigating uncertainty in healthy and effective ways. Resilience is about adaptability; the measure of resilience is your capacity for change.

The physical and emotional toll from Covid19 has shown up investment into resilience as a requirement like never before. Whether individual or organisational, community or country, those that fared well in the crisis are those who invested in resilience.

“Resilience is a practice that should run right through the organisation and practised regularly”

Jenny Campbell, CEO, The Resilience Engine

Whilst pressures are building around you, it is easy to be distracted by urgent issues. However, building personal resilience relies on being present (as opposed to do-do-do), optimising energy, honing learning capability, purpose and alignment. An integrative engine for adaptability!

How to build organisational resilience is more complex. It takes enabling individuals to build their own resilience; proactively managing the drivers of resilience demand and fostering a resilient culture…

Is Burnout Depression by Another Name?

The line currently drawn between burnout and depression tends to suggest that burnout is not as serious a problem as depression” – Renzo Bianchi et al.

Burnout can happen in any profession, leaving a person exhausted, emotionally drained, and cynically doubtful of their ability to achieve personal fulfillment or contribute meaningfully to society through their labor. Burning out at work can strike a powerful blow to well-being, but a meta-analysis by Renzo Bianchi (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland) and colleagues in Clinical Psychological Science suggests that it may not constitute a discrete clinical condition. Instead, “burnout” could be a form of job-related depression…

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