Psychologists Say This Daily Practice Can Help With Anxiety

Resilience: Not just a pandemic buzzword—and not the same as engagement

mid the unprecedented amount of stress the Covid-19 pandemic has put on the health care workforce over the past year, how do leaders develop a culture of resilience among their staff?

“One of the things that I think is really important right now is being really honest with staff. Don’t sugarcoat what’s happening right now.”

Katherine Virkstis, Advisory Board

In this episode of Radio Advisory, host Rachel Woods talks with Advisory Board’s Katherine Virkstis and Anne Herleth about what resilience actually means, dismantling “I’m fine culture”—and identifying the “14 pound mental medicine” that can help keep your team together…

Psychologists Say This Daily Practice Can Help With Anxiety

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While some contemporary yoga modalities are focused on physical strength, what separates it from other fitness methods is its inherent ties to mindfulness — and its use as such dates back centuries to ancient India.

“Physiologically, anxiety manifests in increased heart rates, jitteriness, shaking body etc,” she shares. “With yoga, when you are encouraged to modulate your breathing as you go through poses, it forces you to slow down. This can help slow down what’s happening in your body as well.”

Because of this, many people have adopted the practice as a way to boost their mental health — but is there actual science behind the theory? Specifically, can yoga in fact reduce anxiety? TZR consulted with licensed psychologists as well as a few practitioners/instructors to find out what it can (and can’t) do, as well as how you can try it yourself, regardless of skill level…

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