These Habits Can Help Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

5 Components Of Resilience You Need To Prevent Job Burnout And Psychological Distress

 Studies show that mindfulness intervention techniques and meditation, for example, have great promise in enhancing resilience and short-circuiting susceptibility to burnout. Image credit: Getty Images

Mental resilience is an essential skill for ambitious workers who seek to climb the corporate ladder. Possessing resilience has become a road map for how we can let job pressures roll off our backs. Research shows that workers with a high degree of resilience are less susceptible to burnout and psychological distress. But “resilience” is a broad term that raises the question, “What are the qualities that allow us to overcome challenges, obstacles, hardship and adversity, instead of being defeated by them?”

In a new study of 97 participants, researchers demonstrated that college students possessing a higher degree of resilience were less susceptible to burnout and psychological distress that endured for three months or more. The study identified five aspects of resilience—all of which can be learned—that lower burnout and boost psychological stamina…

These Habits Can Help Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

You may feel deep in a rut, but your brain in more malleable than you think. And it is possible to change your brain to achieve more happiness.

Neuroplasticity: the ability of the brain to form and recognise synaptic connections, especially in response to learning of experience of following injury.

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NBCLX takes a closer look at what psychology researchers are saying about the links between our habits and behaviour and our mental well-being…

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