You Should Think This One Thought When You’re Stressed Out, Says Study

Can Your Company Withstand a Crisis?

As my recruitment firm reaches its 30-year milestone, I realize I am one of the lucky ones. Turning an enterprising idea into a profitable venture with staying power is no small feat, and I’ve had my share of challenges along the way. But thanks to the advice from other successful owners and learning from my own mistakes, I’ve been able to grow despite the obstacles.

“One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs have is finding others who share their passion.”

Kathleen Duffy, CEO – Duffy Group

Whether you looking to start up or already have an existing business, here are five tips to ensure your success…

You Should Think This One Thought When You’re Stressed Out, Says Study

It may seem like ancient history, but we were living in stressful times even before a viral pandemic swept across the planet. According to the 2019 vintage of the yearly “Stress in America” survey overseen by the American Psychological

According to the study’s authors, from the Department of Psychology and the University Hospital of Psychiatry at the University of Zurich, people react to stress differently, and it all largely boils down to varying degrees of resilience.

Association, some of the biggest stressors in the country at the time included rising healthcare costs, mass shootings, discrimination, climate change, immigration, and the forthcoming presidential election. On the personal front, some 60 percent of all adults reported feeling stressed about work and even more about money. Suffice it to say, 2020 hasn’t improved matters…

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