Build resilience: an advice for starting a business from the founder of a multibillion-dollar company

The Best Method for Managing Stress

Our survival instinct is activated by releasing chemicals and inhibits us from making correct decisions. For this reason it is essential to know how to control and inhibit stress.
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Today, as entrepreneurs, businessmen or leaders we are exposed to a great amount of pressures coming from our professional and personal projects.

Whether it is meeting set goals, delivering results in a timely manner, wanting to lose weight and exercise to improve our physical health, maintain and improve our personal and professional relationships, etc. All of the above leads us to generate stress.

Stress is an evolutionary mechanism that is activated when we perceive danger and is designed to run, fight or freeze. This mechanism helped our ancestors survive in extremely dangerous conditions millions of years ago…

4 pieces of advice for starting a business from the founder of a multibillion-dollar company

In late 2020, Josh Tetrick achieved a world first: His food tech company, Eat Just, became the first in the world to start selling cultured chicken for human consumption, after receiving the go-ahead from Singapore regulators.

“Find techniques to build resilience so you aren’t deterred when faced with challenges along the way.”

Josh Tetrick –
founder, Eat Just,

The landmark approval marks a major leap forward for the multibillion-dollar company as it aims to disrupt the established animal agriculture industry.

But it wasn’t an easy journey, insisted the founder of the nine-year-old company, who had four pieces of…

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