How a Garden Can Help You Feel Better

Experts say winter blast might become most expensive natural disaster in Texas history

There hasn’t been an official estimate on the toll last week’s winter storm had on our state’s economy, but some experts are saying last week’s winter storm could be the most expensive disaster to hit the Lone Star state.

Economists are saying the financial impacts from the freeze that took over Texas last week — leaving millions in the dark, cold and without water — could be even more expensive than the damage left behind by Hurricane Harvey. That disaster from four years ago cost roughly $125 billion dollars.

Dr. Harold Doty with the University of Texas at Tyler explains this is because “this storm affected all of Texas. So, it seemed like Harvey got a big area because it hit Corpus through Houston, but this affected everyone in the state.”

He describes another side that makes this such an expensive disaster is the extent of the damage. Many houses across Texas had power problems, while others had pipe issues that led to flooding…

How a Garden Can Help You Feel Better

Gardens can be incredible spaces. They not only provide us with food and other resources to keep our bodies healthy, but they can also be great for our emotional well-being.

While scientific research extolls the benefits of being outside in nature, there is also ample anecdotal evidence showing how creating your own garden can be beneficial in less tangible ways

The very act of creating and tending a garden can have notable effects – and many scientific studies have shown that simply spending time in a green and natural environment can be great for our mental and physical health…

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