Importance of resilience and flexibility in HR

A Looming Disaster: New Data Reveal Where Flood Damage Is An Existential Threat

Pastor Aaron Trigg was at home when the water arrived in Rainelle. It had been raining hard all day, filling the creeks and rivers that run through southern West Virginia. In the past, such intense downpours would last only a few hours, but this storm brought wave after wave of torrential rain.

Poorer people stand to lose the most to flooding as the climate changes, and the federal government is ill-prepared to address the problem through the current federal flood insurance program.

“You could hear the water up in the mountains just crashing trees,” Trigg remembers.

Rainelle is a small town in a steep valley. When the creek near downtown jumped its banks on the evening of June 23, 2016, the water immediately flooded into every home on Trigg’s block…

Importance of resilience and flexibility in HR

 Improving employee experience by keeping them engaged, productive, happy, passionate, and connected in these unprecedented times has challenged HR teams like never before.

Being resilient is like being a tree. When the wind blows, you bend your branches and let it pass over you and then come back to your normal self thereafter. The Human Resources (HR) function is the custodian of employee life cycle journey. Thus, it is not only important that the HR team becomes resilient, but it is also imperative that HR as a function is able to create an ecosystem within the company. This will encourage an innovation mindset amongst employees by allowing and accommodating risk taking initiatives without the fear of failure.

The word flexibility by and large is being replaced with “agility” in corporate parlance. Innovation and agility are the two most critical factors for survival in today’s modern and dynamic work environment. Hence, it is prudent that creating and maintaining agility in the workspace through employees is the key to traversing this ever-changing business dynamics…

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