Employees showing mental health resilience in lockdown

Kenya’s Worst Locust Plague In 70 Years Is Being Turned Into An Opportunity By Farmers

This is the worst locust plague in Kenya in 70 years. Source AFP

With Kenya undergoing its worst locust plague in 70 years, one company is empowering local communities to come up with sustainable solutions.

Swarms of locusts flocked to Kenya in late 2019, after a bout of unusual weather patterns was exacerbated by climate change. The infestation soon spread eastwards, affecting Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia too.

Locusts threaten the food security of millions of people, as they devour crops and leave serious agricultural damage in their wake.

African regenerative agriculture company The Bug Picture is helping communities in Kenya turn the problem on its head. Specialising in insect-based protein that is environmentally sustainable to farm, it has come up with a way of turning desert locusts into animal feed and fertiliser…

Employees showing mental health resilience in lockdown

Employees in the UK are showing greater levels of preparedness and mental resilience during the current nationwide lockdown, despite mixed feelings towards the restrictions. New data from insurer Canada Life, compiled from a survey of 2,000 UK adults, found that 65% of full-time workers from home feel more prepared for the current lockdown than previous ones. The availability of access to support services is playing a significant role in helping people manage lockdowns according to the data…

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