3 Lessons in Avoiding Burnout You Can Steal From Emergency Room Doctors

Black employees have been navigating both the disproportionate effects of Covid-19 and systemic racism over the past year. Prioritizing recovery and resilience, both from an organizational and personal perspective, is vital.
FULL STORY Give Black Employees Time to Rest and Recover Image credit: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Universities: Resilience in the face of adversity

FOR students, life under Covid has been difficult. Despite early optimism about blending a face-to-face campus experience with online learning, in practice most learning has been virtual.

The hope of a New Year return to campus was dashed by rising infection rates — and the message came: stay at home. No wonder many young people feel that their futures have been mortgaged to protect others.

Yet, despite all the difficulties, many students have risen to the challenges presented by the pandemic. Having contacted several of the church universities, I was overwhelmed by examples of how students have responded to the needs of others…

3 Lessons in Avoiding Burnout You Can Steal From Emergency Room Doctors

Whenever I get the urge to complain about the dreary year I’ve had stuck in my apartment half a world away from family and friends, I always pause and think, “Well, some people have had it much worse than me.” Towards the top of my list are frontline health care workers.

The difference between burnout and perseverance, the administrators note, is often a sense that what you do actually matters.


I’m hardly alone in noting the unfathomable strain doctors, nurses, and support staff on the front lines of Covid face, but while we’ve all collectively cheered their dedication and bravery this year (and hopefully honored their sacrifices by obeying public health guidance), I doubt many of us have paused to consider exactly what mental and management tricks have helped them get through it all. I haven’t anyway…

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