Resilient and Smart Businesses: This Will Be the Future of Work

7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes South Pacific Ocean on 11 February 2021

Underinsurance is entrenching poverty as the vulnerable are hit hardest by disasters

More than 70 homes were destroyed by bushfires in Western Australia this week, leaving those affected facing enormous costs. After disasters like these, insurance is not always there as needed — or as expected.

In Australia, where one in six children live in poverty, significant rates of underinsurance entrench disadvantage and hardship. This dynamic will worsen as the consequences of unmitigated climate change unfold.

Up to 10% of homeowners or mortgagees are without home insurance and about 40% of renters are without contents insurance. Underinsurance can make a bad situation worse, and make it harder to get back to normal after a disaster.

Our national research suggests simply telling people to get more insurance is not necessarily the answer. To understand that, we need ask why people are underinsured…

Resilient and Smart Businesses: This Will Be the Future of Work

This is the year of innovation. It is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges around the world and across the board. The work environment has been shaken and all industries have had to rethink and re-imagine how to operate, keeping in touch with both their customers and their employees.

2021 will no longer be about reactive plans, it is time to innovate and think about a world that will be different from the past

Amilcar Alfaro, Google Cloud Mexico

2020 was about reacting, putting contingency plans in place, accelerating long-term strategies to carry them out in a matter of weeks, and trying previously unimaginable practices, such as remote work. Given the speed of the pandemic and the need to react, technology became an ally and promoter to help this accelerated evolution…

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