Bouncing Back And Staying Optimistic In The Face Of Adversity: The How-To

Is resilience training key to surviving lockdown stresses?

A successful resilience training regime includes six basic skills that need to be regularly worked on, according to Todd: “It starts with self-expertise, knowing yourself and why you do the things you do.”

For many workers, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and its inherent loneliness and isolation has meant a worsening of their mental health.

But one Calgary-based psychiatrist says many of these suffering workers could use resilience training in their day-to-day lives for better outcomes.

Resilience is your readiness to face adversity, says Ryan Todd, CEO of headversity, a workplace mental health platform in Calgary.

“We all face adversity every day and some people face more adversity. Right now, we’re all facing significant stressors with health and finances, change in environment and uncertainty in the world, and resilience training helps you get ahead of that adversity,” he says…

Bouncing Back And Staying Optimistic In The Face Of Adversity: The How-To

2020 has left a lot of us overwhelmed, frustrated, and lacking in positivity.

As a shareholder, a business leader, a banker, a manager, or an employee, losing hope in times of distress will make it more difficult to recover and bounce back. It diminishes our capacity to think objectively and prepare to face the challenges lying ahead.

To maintain your optimism, expect the unexpected, focus on the positive, and make your move. The perfect plan is unattainable– don’t hold back waiting for it.

Vikas Arora
– Chief Financial Officer, Action Group

The ability to be “in the moment” and be fully present for those you are with is a desirable skill to foster. But in times of crisis, an exclusively inward focus can send you on a downward spiral.

As such, at some point, we have to choose to lift our heads. We must begin the ascent upwards, rescuing ourselves from a seemingly hopeless situation. It’s about building…

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