4 Ways to Strengthen Your Team’s Resilience in 2021

Three Ways Leaders Must Reshape Their Workplace For Greater Resilience

The debate on working from home is over. It’s time to move to the next phase of the work conversation: reimagining our workplaces and jobs post-pandemic. The good news? Leaders have permission to champion transformational change and changes will be better accepted. The reason? Forced changes wrought by the pandemic have raised our collective threshold of “change pain.”

Our reluctance and threshold to embrace change — whether it’s a new accounting system at work, a new workout routine or updated workplace policies — has lowered drastically, reducing the pain we feel in times of change. With all the uncertainty and change the pandemic has brought, people are primed and more accepting of change…

Flexibility + agility = resilience – the new working equation Full story here: Flexibility + agility = resilience – the new working equation – GO Content Lab (bizcommunity.com)

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Team’s Resilience in 2021

It’s 2021, and workplace culture is changing at the speed of light. Our home and work spaces have morphed into one, and people are working longer hours while attempting to juggle personal and professional demands simultaneously.

The people you select to delegate to may be your strongest employees, but also consider employees who may need this opportunity to stretch and grow.


When the pandemic started, we lost the option to do things as they’ve always been done. It seems as though most of us are still working from home indefinitely, and we have to do things differently to survive and thrive in this new culture we are creating. It’s a huge change, and it can be draining and demotivating, to say the least. As we kick off the year, we need to tap our resilience reserves, learn from our experiences this year and take steps to better our best…

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