2020 recap: A year marked by reinvention, resilience, and remote working

In 2020, Asia-Pacific saw the collision of climate extremes and COVID-19 transmission create cascading disasters with wide-ranging impacts on sectors, economies, and populations.. Full story here: 2020: The year when crises converged | ESCAP (unescap.org)

Biden offers a message of resilience in America’s ‘winter of peril’

New president’s inauguration marks a return to the old order, as a longtime moderate prepares to think big

Once a dashing young senator, now a lion in winter, Joe Biden walked up the presidential lectern he could finally call his own after half a century of striving. The message that the 46th US president wanted to send a pained nation was the one that has defined his own life in the face of incalculable personal and political loss: resilience.

“Much to repair. Much to restore. Much to heal. Much to build. And much to gain.”

Joe Biden – USA President

“We will press forward with speed and urgency, for we have much to do in this winter of peril and possibility,” Biden told the audience at the US Capitol in Washington on Wednesday, as the sun finally broke through clouds that had brought fleeting snow. “Much to repair. Much to restore. Much to heal. Much to build. And much to gain.”

That winter of peril includes a raging pandemic that has killed more than 400,000 Americans and a fraying body politic: two weeks after a mob encouraged by Donald Trump sacked the Capitol, this could no longer be described as a peaceful transfer of power…

2020 recap: A year marked by reinvention, resilience, and remote working

As we enter 2021, to help set the tone moving forward, the team at HRO interviewed about 20 HR and business leaders to put together the key people-related learnings HR and business leaders have gained from their experiences during the unprecedented year of 2020.

The first article saw leaders from Fujitsu, foodpanda, and more, shared tips such as encouraging and practising flexible work, investing in online wellness resources, rethinking the conventional ways, a shift away from the office mentality, and more. In the second one, HR leaders from Diageo, Toll Group, and more, shared their experiences, including continuing to engage employees, the importance of culture and purpose, and more. While the third part of the series has leaders from KONE Corporation, Unilever, and more, talk about leading by empathy, investing in L&D, protecting employees’ safety and wellbeing, and more.

This fourth article sheds light on what leaders from Amazon Web Services, EZ-Link, Syngenta Asia Pacific, and Twitter APAC, have observed throughout 2020, a year marked by reinvention, resilience, and remote working…

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