Resilience 2021: ‘Adapt, Improvise And Overcome’

Navigating A Path Through Resilience

Resilience is heralded as our ability to work long hours and prioritize work above all else. Getty Images

There is a growing focus on resilience in the corporate world, as leaders have sought to enhance their organization’s competitive edge in increasingly complex markets. The benefits of resilience in the workplace have been widely championed, from increased performance to better time efficiency. But there is a downside to resilience, especially magnified through the lens of Covid-19.

“There is a darker side to resilience, however. It can lead to unhealthy work practices where we’re always ‘on’.”

Connor Hughes, CTO at Artesian

I have parallel resumes in corporate leadership and endurance sport, including representing Australia in the World Masters Cycling Championships, Ireland in the ITU Triathlon World Championships and paddling from Molokai to Oahu. Over the years, I have seen some leaders and athletes succeed while others have struggled, depending on how they managed resilience. Those who thrive successfully navigate a path between the positive and negative aspects of resilience, both for themselves and for their teams…

Resilience 2021: ‘Adapt, Improvise And Overcome’

For Bridgewater Interiors, the best way to bounce back from a pandemic is to double down on what put the $2 billion maker of automotive seats in its strong position before the virus hit. The Detroit-based manufacturer emphasized flexibility, consistency and culture, as Bridgewater reopened its plants in Motown and in nearby Warren, Michigan, and soon soared past its pre-Covid-19 heights.

“The best you can do is adopt the mindset that we’ll adapt, improvise and overcome, and to drive that attitude and approach down through our organization,” says CEO Ronald Hall Jr., whose company supplies seating systems for high-profile, high-profit vehicles including Fiat Chrysler’s Ram pickup trucks, the Ford Mustang and the Honda Pilot SUV…

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