Indian farmers beat water scarcity with innovation

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Indian farmers beat water scarcity with innovation

Farmer Ambalesh Kashinath shows off his yield of cauliflowers

After losing crops to severe drought for years, farmers in Maharashtra are seeing high yields through imaginative cultivation methods. They told DW that taking control is better than protesting government policy.

The farming community has since gradually moved to climate-resilient farming and seeding practices to green the area and help increase their farm produce.

Krishna Narode, 26, from Gangapur village in India’s western Maharashtra state, is visibly excited as he surveys his four-acre farm where he cultivates an array of crops and fruits, including papaya, sugar cane, wheat and ginger. 

In a few months, it will be time for harvesting and Narode knows that his efforts will pay dividends as he has relied on natural farming practices. “I hope to earn at least 600,000 Indian rupees (€6,765, $8,190) this year from my harvest. In 2016, I earned such a small sum that I wanted to give up. But thanks to new farming methods we have learnt, it is helping our community,” Narode told DW.

A few kilometers away, 51-year-old Mangala Maruti Waghmare, a woman farmer, is hoping to reap a windfall this year from her drumsticks, custard apple and mango produce…

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