Floods Devastate Southern France

Indonesia: 2004 tsunami: 16 years on, Islamic Relief is still by the side of those affected

When the Indian Ocean tsunami struck in 2004, the international community leapt into action. Islamic Relief was there from day one, and has been supporting families and communities affected by the disaster for over 15 years.

On 26th December 2004, the world watched in horror as a deadly tsunami struck the Indian Ocean, killing over 230,000 people throughout Southeast Asia and causing widespread destruction.

The day after the tsunami hit, Islamic Relief were distributing food, medicine, tents and hygiene supplies. We provided ambulances, mobile health clinics and two cargo planes packed with medical and hygiene supplies – 30,000kg of medical supplies and 28,000kg of hygiene kits. In the days following the disaster, we handed out 48,000 litres of water every day…

Floods Devastate Southern France, Rivers Overflow

Storm Bella has caused rivers to overflow in Southern France. (Maria Orlova/Pexels)

Storm Bella has caused havoc in the Landes region of southwest France with roads being cut off due to severe flooding and hundreds of homes still without power.

Aerial footage released by the Landes Fire Department showed the excessive damage caused in the area. The firefighters had conducted 436 interventions in 110 municipalities and 39 evacuations till Tuesday.According to Meteo France stations, Landes received a month and a half of rain in just three days. The commune Dax recorded 158 millimeters of rain while the capital town of Mont-de-Marsan had received 107 millimeters till Jan 6.

“In the area of Tartas, the water was expected to rise further, and reach a peak of 3.40 meters within two days,” said Pascal Lafourcade, deputy mayor…

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