Mantras that Emotionally Resilient People Use

From resilience to flourish, through positivity!

Let’s start with this fundamental question: can resilience in the workplace really be taught? The answer is a somewhat cautious “yes”. Cautious, because, to begin with, a uniform and comprehensive understanding of the nuances of resilience is still evolving.

positive emotions broaden an individual’s set of momentary actions in response to thoughts

As are the methodologies, tools and artefacts required for training interventions in this field. If as a subject of cognitive research, resilience is a relatively new entrant on the behavioural sciences map, then systematic applications of it, through focused training interventions in the workplace, are yet more recent and formative. But the signs so far have been positive…

Mantras that Emotionally Resilient People Use

#1: Think of yourself as the hero of your own life -not the victim

Science tells us that the way we talk to ourselves, especially during trying times matters a great deal. In these moments, negative thoughts, self-doubt, and uncertainty can trigger our fear and impede our ability to think rationally.

On the other hand, empowering words and phrases can help you reframe your thoughts and shift your perspective to a more productive one. While positive thinking is centered around eliminating negative thinking, mantras and affirmations are more focused on building the mental muscle needed to manage challenges from a positive place…

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