Emergency preparedness and natural disaster planning

Strengthening disaster risk reduction and management at the local level

Nepal is exposed to recurring seismic and hydrometeorological disaster risks. While earthquakes and floods in the recent past have claimed more lives, fires have caused the most damage to assets and investments in Nepal. The Nepal Disaster Report 2019 shows fire caused 94 per cent of the NPR 6.84 billion (USD 57.62 million) worth of disaster-induced damage in 2017–2018. While avalanches and snowstorms occur frequently in the northern high mountain ranges, dry landslides are common in the young mountains and hills, shaken more by recent earthquakes…

Emergency preparedness and natural disaster planning

Though the 2020 storm season has ended, next year’s storm season will soon be upon us and, with COVID-19 still in the air, the collision between the current pandemic or a future pandemic and the ensuing storm season is inevitable.

“The stacking concept is something the emergency management world doesn’t do particularly well in terms of planning.”  

Brad Gair, Senior Managing Director at Witt O’Brien’s

One of the things we learned from the pandemic and last year’s storm and natural disaster season is that many of the tried-and-true protocols don’t work or can’t be enforced during a global health crisis such as COVID-19. Take, for example, evacuation measures during a hurricane, which put those affected in densely populated evacuation shelters, contrary to social distancing measures. In addition, with a global pandemic, workforce shortages, delays in supplies and materials, funding shortfalls or insufficient hospital capacity will also impact emergency response during a natural disaster…

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