Finding Your Way To Be Happy and Stay in Resilience

Dallas Innovates 2021: The Resilience Issue

History shows some of the country’s biggest companies emerging out of the depths of recession.  A 2009 Kaufman Foundation study found that over half of the companies on that year’s Fortune 500 list launched during a recession or bear market.

Innovation can be a force for good that makes us stronger

Don’t be surprised to see a few Dallas-Fort Worth companies that are being built today (including a few featured in this magazine) go on to be the household names of tomorrow. They’ll join our vibrant community of corporate innovators who are leading the way in emerging technologies…

Finding Your Way To Be Happy and Stay in Resilience

Think of what you were grateful for in the past 5 years or stretch out to the past decade if you’re a bit older.

As we look back on 2020, all is not lost and there will be many gains to report back. We have history as proof. On the other side from past pandemics and world wars, the world developed revolutionary new ways that may otherwise never have been birthed.

Growth is inevitable. Unlike war post-trauma, there was no personal attack on a country. We all rose together as a nation and a world. Most importantly, we gained connection, compassion, empathy, and our human-ness in a non-stop growing digital world. We learned to pause and value people over things.

With the fresh start of 2021, we have a bittersweet beginning ahead, where a vaccine solution is out, but every day will not change immediately for us. As we embrace new and old ways, we should all be congratulated for showing up, with the strength we continue to express daily…

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