9 Signs You’re Mentally Exhausted — And How to Bounce Back’

Rare blizzard in Spain leaves 4 dead and brings country to standstill

People walk on the snow next to La Almudena Cathedral during heavy snowfall on January 09, 2021 in Madrid, Spain. Spain is on red alert for a second day due to storm Filomena, which has brought unusually cold weather and heavy snowfalls. PABLO BLAZQUEZ / GETTY IMAGES

A persistent blizzard blanketed large parts of Spain with an unusual amount of snow on Saturday, killing at least four people and leaving thousands trapped in cars or at train stations and airports that suspended all services.

The national weather agency reported that as of 7 a.m., the snowfall in Madrid reached a level unseen in half a century. More than 20 inches of snow fell in the Spanish capital, according to the weather agency AEMET.

The bodies of a man and woman were recovered by the Andalucía region emergency service after their car was washed away by a flooded river near the town of Fuengirola. The Interior Ministry said a 54-year-old man was also found dead in Madrid under a big pile of snow. A homeless man died of hypothermia in the northern city of Zaragoza, the local police department reported…

9 Signs You’re Mentally Exhausted — And How to Bounce Back’

2020 was a roller coaster, and we want off this ride. It’s not only that we’re sick of the pandemic and its restrictions on our lives and our children’s lives. It’s also all of the emotions, especially the on-going stress, uncertainty, and feeling like we don’t have any control over things. Add it all up, and no wonder so many of us are feeling irritable, fatigued, and even numb. We’re all mentally exhausted, some of us more than others…

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