This FEMA map will show how at-risk your city is for a natural disaster

New Australia-wide emergency warning system launched

A streamlined nationwide warning system has been unveiled to help Australians better respond to natural disasters and emergencies.

The three-tiered Australian Warning System establishes a consistent set of icons to show incidents on websites and apps for threats such as bushfire, flood, storms, cyclones, extreme heat and severe weather.

Minister for Emergency Management David Littleproud said the system developed based on community research and input from emergency services and hazard agencies…

This FEMA map will show how at-risk your city is for a natural disaster

The risk of coastal flooding and destructive winter weather boosts these places, but there is one unexpected threat that FEMA has factored in: tornadoes

No part of our planet will be unaffected by climate change, but some areas will feel the effects of the extreme weather events that accompany that change sooner than others. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently published its first National Risk Index, a multi-year project which assesses each of the country’s 3,006 counties’ potential vulnerability to natural disasters. Unfortunately for Angelenos, Los Angeles County ranked at the very top of the list…

Resilience Case Files (VIDEO)

Four hundred years ago, in the middle of another transformative period now referred to as the Scientific Revolution, a simple concept called resilience appeared. Today, resilience is a significant area of interest in a range of fields, from human psychology and ecological systems, to organisational performance and natural disasters…

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