One year on from horrific fires, Australians struggle to rebuild

Swarms of locusts invade Jaipur, Rajasthan on May 26, 2020.
(Bhagirath/BCCL Jaipur). Full story: 2020 Rewind: Five Major Disasters That Wreaked Havoc Worldwide Alongside COVID-19 Pandemic | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel |

At least 10 dead, several missing after landslide in Norway

A massive landslide just north of Oslo, Norway, on Wednesday left 10 people dead and nearly two dozen unaccounted for, officials said. The landslide wiped out more than a dozen buildings in Ask, the administrative center of Gjerdrum municipality about 15 miles northeast of Oslo.

Authorities fear that some victims may be trapped in buildings that collapsed in the slide.

Officials said the landslide, which happened before dawn Wednesday, was roughly 2,300 feet long and dozens of feet wide. “Those who worked here last night were overwhelmed when they saw the scene after daylight appeared,” local operations manager Roger Pettersen said.

At least six people from Ask were hospitalized and hundreds more from the village were evacuated. Efforts to rescue others were partly stymied by the ongoing danger of the landslide…

One year on from horrific fires, Australians struggle to rebuild

ON THE EVENING of December 30, 2019, Ron Corby, 88, went to bed in Cobargo, a village on Australia’s southeast coast. But at around two-thirty in the morning, he awoke to a call from his daughter, telling him he had to evacuate his home immediately.

Within minutes, she was outside in her car, the fire front close behind. Her home, just a few miles down the road, had already burned to the ground.

Corby had lived in Cobargo for decades. As a farmer, he had experienced all of Australia’s weather extremes, from droughts to floods and fires, but nothing like the monstrous flames that tore through his town on the eve of 2020, destroying nearly everything in their path, including his home…

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