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Monthly Archives: January, 2021

2020 recap: A year marked by reinvention, resilience, and remote working

Biden offers a message of resilience in America’s ‘winter of peril’ New president’s inauguration marks a return to the old order, as a longtime moderate prepares to think big Once … Continue reading

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Resilience 2021: ‘Adapt, Improvise And Overcome’

Navigating A Path Through Resilience There is a growing focus on resilience in the corporate world, as leaders have sought to enhance their organization’s competitive edge in increasingly complex markets. … Continue reading

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Indian farmers beat water scarcity with innovation

Reimagining business resilience and agility with cloud at the core As we move forward, every organization and every industry will increasingly need to ramp up teach intensity in order to … Continue reading

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How to Fail and Bounce Back

Resilience is a business opportunity Raging bushfires were closely followed by a global pandemic, and the world as we knew it was changed inextricably. For those of us in the … Continue reading

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Resilience: the art of bouncing back from adversity

Managing the well-being of your staff when you can’t see them can be tricky – how do you spot the signs of stress or anxiety, for example? Francoise Woolley, Head … Continue reading

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How Japan Built Disaster-Proof Skyscrapers (WATCH VIDEO)

El Niño or La Niña? What They Mean and Why They Matter In the world of oceanography and climatology, the names El Niño and La Niña carry a particularly important … Continue reading

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Indonesia earthquake: SPECIAL EDITION

Indonesia earthquake: monsoon rains slow search for survivors as death toll passes 80 Torrential monsoon rains have hampered the hunt for survivors of Friday’s powerful earthquake on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, … Continue reading

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Floods Devastate Southern France

Indonesia: 2004 tsunami: 16 years on, Islamic Relief is still by the side of those affected When the Indian Ocean tsunami struck in 2004, the international community leapt into action. … Continue reading

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How watching my sons during the pandemic taught me resilience

Recovery and resilience in the garden Recent studies show that following extreme storm events community gardens can supply food, enhance social empowerment, provide safe gathering spots, and restorative practices, to … Continue reading

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Mantras that Emotionally Resilient People Use

From resilience to flourish, through positivity! Let’s start with this fundamental question: can resilience in the workplace really be taught? The answer is a somewhat cautious “yes”. Cautious, because, to … Continue reading

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Emergency preparedness and natural disaster planning

Strengthening disaster risk reduction and management at the local level Nepal is exposed to recurring seismic and hydrometeorological disaster risks. While earthquakes and floods in the recent past have claimed … Continue reading

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Three Crucial Questions To Help You Assess And Improve Your Business Resilience

Cyber Resilience is Critical as Risks to Business Keep Growing The digital transformation trend was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing businesses to rapidly switch to new ways of working … Continue reading

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Finding Your Way To Be Happy and Stay in Resilience

Dallas Innovates 2021: The Resilience Issue History shows some of the country’s biggest companies emerging out of the depths of recession.  A 2009 Kaufman Foundation study found that over half … Continue reading

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The path to post-pandemic smart cities

Natural disasters stalk education sector Zimbabwe’s post-Independence success in universal education remains the envy of most nations around the world.  Basic education was declared an inalienable right in 1980, which … Continue reading

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After a record 22 billion-dollar disasters in 2020, it’s time to overhaul US disaster policy – here’s how

The new Australian Disaster Resilience Index Australians are always learning to live with a changing, unpredictable and uncertain environment, of which natural hazards are an increasing part. We are all … Continue reading

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9 Signs You’re Mentally Exhausted — And How to Bounce Back’

Rare blizzard in Spain leaves 4 dead and brings country to standstill A persistent blizzard blanketed large parts of Spain with an unusual amount of snow on Saturday, killing at … Continue reading

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6 practices to support organizational resiliency and physician well-being

Natural disasters cause $210 billion in damage in 2020, insurer says Natural catastrophes around the world resulted in $210 billion in damage in 2020, with the United States especially hard … Continue reading

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Why mental resilience is a key business skill for SME owners to learn

5 tech trends that will enable business resilience in 2021 Faced with perhaps the most disruptive circumstances of their existence, organisations worldwide realised that they had no greater ally than … Continue reading

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This FEMA map will show how at-risk your city is for a natural disaster

New Australia-wide emergency warning system launched A streamlined nationwide warning system has been unveiled to help Australians better respond to natural disasters and emergencies. The three-tiered Australian Warning System establishes … Continue reading

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Train Yourself To Be Happy: 4 Coachable Parts of Your Mental Health

Report: Japanese utility executives turned blind eye to tsunami risk Executives at Tokyo Electric Power downplayed the risks of a deadly tsunami before the Fukushima Daiichi plant was crippled by … Continue reading

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Only 30% of Fukushima residents happy with disaster recovery progress

How to build business resilience in the Middle East If nothing else, 2020 has been a stark reminder that resilience is critically important for all of us – individuals, businesses, … Continue reading

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3 Pillars of Resilience

How Journaling Can Help Reduces Stress and Anxiety Think about journaling as a different way of expressing your emotions. We spend so much time on screens in an increasingly digital … Continue reading

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Building resilience on a restless Earth

‘Bomb cyclone’ is bringing big waves to Central Coast. What caused this weather phenomenon? Over the years, North Pacific cyclones have become more intense. We measure the intensity of a … Continue reading

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River floods are boosting the global spread of plastic, study finds

‘Our children die in our hands’: Floods ravage South Sudan On a scrap of land surrounded by flooding in South Sudan, families drink and bathe from the waters that swept … Continue reading

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The potential post-traumatic legacy of the Covid pandemic

16 Inspirational Quotes That Will Help You Bounce Back from 2020 We all need a little burst of wisdom once in awhile, whether it’s to jolt ourselves into a desired … Continue reading

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One year on from horrific fires, Australians struggle to rebuild

At least 10 dead, several missing after landslide in Norway A massive landslide just north of Oslo, Norway, on Wednesday left 10 people dead and nearly two dozen unaccounted for, … Continue reading

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