Extreme Weather Events Like Devastating Floods Cost India $10 Billion, Finds UK Report

“Demon Slayer” nears Japan movie history, boosts economy with resilience message

The tale of a boy fighting human-eating demons which murdered his family, “Demon Slayer” is poised to become Japan’s top-grossing film ever, thanks to a boost in fan numbers due to the coronavirus pandemic and its message of resilience.

Based on a popular manga and TV anime series, the film has spun off an industry of related merchandise and has won over fans with its nod to Japanese traditions people fear are missing today.

“People in high positions act according to that – ‘Noblesse oblige’, samurai and so on. Those at the top become a shield for weaker ones, using their strength to protect them,” said movie commentator Yuichi Maeda…

Extreme Weather Events Like Devastating Floods Cost India $10 Billion, Finds UK Report

Fifteen extreme weather events, influenced by climate change, were identified globally this year, including the terrible floods that struck India cost $10 billion, killing 2,000, a UK charity report said on Monday.

The London-based Christian Aid’s report, ‘Counting the cost 2020: A year of climate breakdown’, said 10 of those events cost $1.5 billion or more.

The US was hit by the highest costs due to the record-breaking hurricane season and fires. Most of these estimates are based only on insured losses, meaning the true financial costs are likely to be higher.

While the report focuses on financial costs, which are usually higher in richer countries because they have more valuable property, some extreme weather events in 2020 were devastating in poorer countries, even though the price tag was lower…

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