Israel to be hit by a destructive earthquake soon, study shows

Series of Great Earthquakes May be Warming Arctic, Indicates New Study

Arctic summer sea ice.
(John Miller/ NOAA Mauna Loa Observatory)

The Arctic’s rapid warming could have been triggered by a series of great earthquakes, suggests new research. In the Arctic, one of the factors driving climate warming is the release of methane from permafrost and metastable gas hydrates in the shelf zone.

The study published in the journal Geosciences attempted to offer an explanation for abrupt temperature changes observed in the region. Global warming is widely believed to be caused by human activity, which increases the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

However, this view does not explain why temperatures sometimes rise fairly abruptly. Since researchers began to monitor temperatures in the Arctic, the region has seen two periods of abrupt warming: first in the 1920s and ’30s, and then beginning in 1980 and continuing to this day.

In his paper, Leopold Lobkovsky from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Russia hypothesised that the unexplained abrupt temperature changes could have been triggered by geodynamic factors…

Israel to be hit by a destructive earthquake soon, study shows

A destructive earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale is expected to hit Israel and its surrounding neighbors in the coming years, a new study led by researchers from Tel Aviv University has found.

According to the study published in the Science Advances journal, which reviewed about 220,000 years of Dead-Sea geology by drilling and studying the seabed, the researchers showed that a pattern can be seen since such devastating earthquakes seem to be hitting the region every 130 to 150 years.

Given that the last one that hit the region 93 years ago, the researchers predict that another earthquake should hit the region in the near future.

The last earthquake with such magnitude, which hit the Dead Sea region in 1927, caused injuries to hundreds of people and damage to several main cities, such as Jordan’s capital Amman, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jaffa…

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