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Why Fans of Horror Movies May Be More Resilient

UH study predicts more severe impacts from cyclones in the future. File image: Tropical cyclones over Pacific waters Photo: NASA/NOAA GOES Project. (Source: UH) Full story: UH study predicts more severe impacts from cyclones in the future (

From resilience to authenticity

There is nothing like a full-blown crisis to bring out the best in people. As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across industry sectors, upending established processes and putting lives and livelihoods at risk, business leaders learnt to quickly adapt to evolving realities and recalibrate priorities. It was not just business processes that had to be re-engineered, but even personal lives, as people found themselves juggling office and house work while remaining confined within their homes. Leaders from across various sectors shared with Forbes India their experiences, learnings and self-discoveries, and how they turned a crisis into opportunities for themselves and their teams…

Why Fans of Horror Movies May Be More Resilient

A recent study found that people who enjoyed horror movies experienced less psychological distress as a result of the pandemic (Scrivner et al., 2021). An earlier study found that horror movie fans tended to be higher on sensation-seeking, a trait associated with risk-taking and enjoyment of danger (Clasen et al., 2020). People who enjoy horror movies might be coping better with living through a pandemic because they have a sense of personal agency that allows them to see difficult circumstances as challenges they can overcome…

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