Are you on the brink of burnout?

How To Be Happy In 2021 According To A Yale Psychology Professor (Photo by Westend61 / Getty Images). Full story; How To Be Happy In 2021 According To A Yale Psychology Professor (

Resilience key to business survival during pandemic

The Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce’s December edition of “Good Morning Gaston” focused on the ability of local businesses to survive the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic through adaptability and resiliency.

Representatives of three local businesses — GarlandBurks Marketing, Holy Angels, and the Esquire Hotel — spoke of their efforts to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of the past nine months.

Heather and Walter Burks explained they were just getting started with their new marketing company when COVID hit with a fury back in March.

“We had begun our company focusing mainly on social media management,” Heather said, “but we had to pivot quickly. We had to learn new skills. We had to purchase new equipment. We had to change our focus as our clients changed theirs….

Are you on the brink of burnout?

As a woman in the pursuit of my passions, I have had it tough this last year, falling victim to the stress and fatigue that comes along with giving so much of myself.

You have to agree with me, life has gotten busy. Busier than ever before in fact. Most of us will just about get through our days, struggling to find any down time for ourselves.

We may not speak about the subject often, but burnout is an ever more present issue in the modern workplace, and the statistics paint a pretty doom picture. A survey by Kronos Inc. and Future Workplace states that employee burnout is perhaps the worst than it has ever been, citing as the main reasons too much work, too little pay, too many technological advancements and too much emphasis on recruiting new employees rather than keeping existing ones happy.

Other factors related to burnout are stress, problems unwinding in the evenings, worrying, conflict, overwhelm from juggling too many things, sleepless nights, etc… sounds familiar…

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